How does "really" work an autonomous Waymo/Google car?

Artificial Intelligence is not magic.

We find many texts and comments which oppose pros and cons autonomous vehicles.
Some of them claim their absolute safety, the others attack its sorcery.

Incantations grow the buzz, not the knowledge.

If one day, we have to sit in an autonomous car, we will need more than decrees of enthusiasm or catastrophic perspectives.

We searched and found, directly from the source, a security report by Waymo/Google.

This report brings little transparency and clarity to a topic which is discussed through not highly valuable comments.
At KindRobot, priority is stream knowledge and relevant information. There it is!

Security as keystone

Obviously, safety is massively presented in the report.
Quickly, it is about:

  • A system built around safety, by design
  • How does the vehicle work?
  • Testing and validation processes and methods
  • Interact safely with the public

Other interesting themes are written like:

  • Operational design domain, step by step, under specific conditions - Page 16
  • Critical systems redundancy - Page 17
  • Logging and "black boxes" for data recording - Page 17
  • Digital threats / hackers / Cybersecurity - Page 18

You can access directly to the report below: On the road to fully self-driving

You should read this. It is accessible to a nontechnical audience.