Artificial intelligence directly from sources

The method to provide relevant and qualified information

At kindrobot, we do not re-invent the wheel.
We will try to avoid re-writing or copy-paste what seems to be well written from the start.

We will use two innovative techniques:

  • Identify relevant sources, read and try to understand
  • Use the amazing technology of hyperlink and directly share documents with you.

The pros :

  • avoid creating the 1000th version of the same article
  • avoid creating confusion around the paternity of information
  • identify as clearly as possible the source by giving you the possibility of direct access

The cons :

  • search engine optimization will be not as good as if we operate copy-paste by creating artificially new information.
  • we occupy less space so we are less visible

Our goals are clarity and transparency. Despite the cons, we will follow the "sourcing line" and try to create original content.

Reminder: Our goal is not to steal content but to share and promote knowledge. Wherever it comes from.

To know more about the project, you can follow this link :

Kindrobot: Who? Why? How?