Help ! My OnePlus smartphone is spying on me

Once again, we will talk about privacy and collected data

Day after day, the story keeps repeating.
You can find plain text explanations below.

As a manufacturer, OnePlus already accesses to applications, geolocation, your camera.
It seems they were interested in collecting more data from the network :

  • IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity): a unique number which identifies every mobile terminal
  • phone numbers: your phone book, your calls
  • MAC addresses: unique identifier for you wifi or Bluetooth connections
  • Mobile networks' names: names of the networks around you, name of your operator's one
  • IMSI Prefixes: good to know if you're connected to your normal network or using roaming abroad

This collect was discovered by users who emitted a complaint within forums for OnePlus.

Our phone traces us: this is not new. It depends on who and how it is done!

Those sensitive technical traces are kept by operators which follow strict procedures linked with their management and protection.
They usually are used by authorities for inquiries.
Collects and usages of these data are ruled by law.

In this case, the setup of these traces was decided by a commercial entity which sells a product: the OnePlus smartphone.

This is a lack of transparency towards the user who trusts the brand.
These collects, legal or not, make people doubt.
They are always the last to be informed and they do not understand the goals.

Manufacturer's answer: Transparency at its minimal level

On the manufacturer's side, the answer is awfully behind a classical marketing argument.
They say they want to improve operating system and user experience.

OnePlus will not stop collecting these data but show a checkbox (one more) and ask agreement from the user.

More information in the article below :
After privacy complaints, OnePlus will scale back data collection on its devices

Today, data is more valuable than oil. The battle is growing and every solution is permitted to collect and feed artificial intelligence engines.

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