Kindrobot : Who ? Why ? How ?

At kindrobot, we think artificial intelligence is an important topic and everyone's business.
When we hear about enthusiastic reactions of technical, marketing and financial stuff, we have a great idea of the growing buzz around the subject.
Our phones, computers, cars, hospitals already use these technologies

Things are going fast.
The technological revolution has begun. Impacts will appear everywhere in our lives within 10 years.

Many personal "thinking" assistant will pop up in our living rooms. Chatbots, image recognition stuff, speech recognition...
More and more data will be collected, analyzed.

The need for clarity, information, transparency will naturally grow and become more and more present.

Kindrobot's objectives

  • Promote and stream knowledge
  • Imply popularization
  • Highlight clarity and transparency
  • Facilitate share and communication
  • Encourage questions
  • Carry artificial intelligence in the public place, in companies...

Kindrobot's tools

First, it's a website.
You can find several content and categories (Articles, news, experiences, human's stories...).
It will certainly move.

A website tied to several goals:

  • Publish relevant and accessible content to a large audience :
    • from day life stories
    • from verified sources
    • from experts speeches
    • from conferences
    • from university studies
    • from your questions, remarks, links, ideas
  • Build a knowledge database, a reference

A strong expertise and advanced skills in computing and IT

To be able to filter, understand and give you explanations and relevant information.
To develop experiences and be able to explain methodology and tools.

A Twitter account: @kindrobot_org

To manage spontaneous interactions, keep you informed about the latest news.
React instantly when necessary.
Find and make direct contacts.

An email address:

To receive your questions, your ideas.
To be able to take time to answer, in a more normal rhythm than the frenetic Twitter's one.

Kindrobot is a robot...

...which needs energy to work.

A spark and a new battery provided by Julien every day.
To animate it, create content, organize.
Contact people, try to convince, discuss and do it again.

Kindrobot cannot live and grow without the support of a community.

If you share our values, our objectives and if you want to give us energy, you have several options.

  • A little bit of energy to follow us on twitter or Linkedin
  • A little bit more to share our links, tweets
  • A little bit more (again) to send us links, sources ideas
  • As much as you can to write an article which will be published on the website

In advance, a thousand thanks.

What Kindrobot is not

  • a court
  • a boxing ring
  • a commercial showcase to sell a particular product

The final word

This is only the beginning. The road in front of us is long.