Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and us: the good, the bad and the ugly?

The data scandal no one sees coming. Really?

A few days ago, after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Mark Zuckerberg was in front of the American Senate to answer questions about privacy, data, business model, money, ethics.
This question is the centerpiece of all this recurrent mess:

  • How does the Facebook does make money from a free of charge service?
  • More than that, how does all the ecosystem make money?

How does "really" work an autonomous Waymo/Google car?

Artificial Intelligence is not magic.

We find many texts and comments which oppose pros and cons autonomous vehicles.
Some of them claim their absolute safety, the others attack its sorcery.

Incantations grow the buzz, not the knowledge.

If one day, we have to sit in an autonomous car, we will need more than decrees of enthusiasm or catastrophic perspectives.

We searched and found, directly from the source, a security report by Waymo/Google.

Artificial intelligence: Bias and the robot which never lies

Chihuahuas win

We will take the simple Image recognition: the robot who recognizes dogs experience to illustrate what is bias.

With more than 400.000 images analyzed, I am very disappointed because the chihuahua has higher results than the Labrador.
InceptionV3 engine is trained to recognize all objects from environment equally.
It's a generic model dedicated to image recognition.

The result could have been totally different.

Artificial intelligence: Help! I'm lost in the fog.

We observe it as well. The topic is not always clearly explained.

Let's buzz, buzz, buzz.

Everybody wants to create a buzz about artificial intelligence and use it to promote his activities and stream on networks.
All pretexts are good. Sometimes, the presented subject and AI are really far, not even neighbors. But who cares?

The buzz creates around the concept that makes the message unclear and hard to understand for everybody.
This article aims to give you clues to decode information within this continuous flow of news.

Kindrobot : Who ? Why ? How ?

At kindrobot, we think artificial intelligence is an important topic and everyone's business.
When we hear about enthusiastic reactions of technical, marketing and financial stuff, we have a great idea of the growing buzz around the subject.
Our phones, computers, cars, hospitals already use these technologies

Things are going fast.
The technological revolution has begun. Impacts will appear everywhere in our lives within 10 years.